A few reminders and messages as we end our 2020-21 School year:

  • Thank you for your support this year. It was a completely different kind of year and was difficult for everyone. I am so proud of our NCE parents for supporting our staff and trusting us to keep your babies safe. 

  • Student promotion and retention decisions are made based on a State approved Pupil Progression Plan. These decisions are made on grades & multiple diagnostic test results. Your child's teacher will contact you if your child is being retained. 

  • Report cards are being mailed out Tuesday, May 25 through Friday, May 28, 2021. These will be mailed to the address we have on file. 

  • If you have a Pre K age child (must turn 4 by September 30th) and have not registered them--you must complete this registration online FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING PRE-K REGISTRATION, PLEASE CALL (225) 686-4302 OR (225) 686-4265. YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL EARLYCHILDHOOD@LPSB.ORG OR VISIT THE EARLY CHILDHOOD WEBSITE AT WWW.LPPSEARLYCHILDHOOD.COM.

  • All medication at NCE must be picked up from the school by Thursday, May 27th. Please call the office to schedule a morning appointment to pick this up. All medication will be disposed of after May 27th. 

  • Tomorrow is the last day of school!  This will be an early dismissal day. Students riding buses will be dismissed as soon as buses arrive (10:45-11:00). Car riders dismissed at 10:45 Please be home early and visible to the bus driver. Please be on time to pick up your child in car line. 

  • Keep your child engaged in reading this summer and enjoy your family time!